What we do

At AccuMap Models, we create 3D photo-realistic models of an exterior area, which can be used to take measurements, record (construction) progress, or used in marketing campaigns. These models provide up-to-date job site information, which can be shared with distant colleagues or used to avoid costly errors. We also provide 360 virtual tours and video production for real estate listings, hotel advertising, construction progress, or virtual walk-through of any property. These tours provide Realtors with smart, effective advertising tools to show off their listings and increase sales opportunities. They provide hotel brands with powerful and enticing marketing material to attract vacationers or business travelers alike. Our prices are very reasonable and our goal is to provide you with the tools to work smarter and be more effective.

Time Efficient

Photogrammetry 3D models can be created in a matter of hours. On-site time is very minimal. Due to the nature of aerial photography’s efficiency, a drone can effectively take several hundred pictures of a large construction site in a matter of minutes. Depending on the accuracy requirements, topography and area to be modeled, the entire process can be completed fairly quickly, thus greatly reducing the amount of time our team spends at a job site. The rest of the post-processing work is performed off-site.

Cost Efficient

Because of its time efficiency and minimal crew requirements to perform missions, UAV drone modeling is very cost effective. Most jobs will require only one or two operators, depending on the site location to be modeled. Whether road construction, a shopping mall, a community or a high rise building, this translates into less man-hours, and faster turn-around time, which means more cost savings for our clients.


Safety is our primary goal for every job. From our team’s safety to our and our client’s equipment, safety concern is in every step of the mission planning and executing process. Our UAVs allow us to maintain a flexible operating distance therefore, being able to position ourselves away from harms way, be it further from moving traffic, machinery or dangers lurking on the job site. For some projects, we won’t need access to the job site itself. Our pilots are FAA certified and our drones are FAA registered.

Accurate Measurements

Our GPS tracking equipment is some of the finest currently on the market. Our GNSS ground station and Loki UAV mounted rover offers increased accuracy beyond the drone’s internal GPS unit – which are generally designed for flight stability vs accurate photography. For jobs requiring higher than standard accuracy, we use a PPK process that increases the X,Y,Z accuracy of the coordinates in every photo. This translates to models that have better accuracy and can be used to obtain reliable measurements of distance, area, and volume in any location in the model.

Virtual Tours

Whether it’s a construction site, real estate property, hotel or resort, our VR tours allow visitors and stake holders to explore the property from their computer, tablet or cell phone at any time. With various 360-degree photos taken at key intervals throughout the space, a visitor can make their way through, seeing the location from every angle. For construction sites, this is the perfect complement to a 3D model, allowing you to walk through the site, looking for mistakes or possible issues that can be avoided, giving you remote job-site intelligence. They can also be retained throughout the construction process as historical time-lapse progress. For Realtors, this is an excellent way to showcase your listings, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to visit and see the property at their convenience. This reduces unnecessary driving for both you and your buyer, saving you time and money, and increasing your marketing efficiency. We also provide video virtual tours which can be used in social media marketing or as teasers to attract buyers to the 360 virtual tour. Realtors can also request a 3D model of the exterior of the property, increasing interest and online visibility. Additional, we also offer simple 2D Revit floorplan drawing services.

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